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HTP has been the preferred technical publications outsource provider for some major aerospace companies for over 25 years.

Our team of technical authors, graphic illustrators and designers specialise in the production of technical documentation conforming to a variety of military, commercial and in-house specifications, for subjects as diverse as oxygen generation on military jets to complete business jet electrical system installation.

All graphic work to support technical manuals and data modules, through to marketing and presentation, is professionally undertaken to follow exacting customer requirements.

Multimedia is having a major impact on the technical publications world and HTP is in an excellent position to help our clients with their migration from traditional production methods to the multimedia field. Multimedia technology opens up many opportunities for producing all forms of publications from simple slide show presentations through to easy-to-use interactive maintenance manuals and cataloguing systems. It is important, however, to ensure that new multimedia projects are carefully planned to achieve the best results. With the oportunity to include video, animation and sound etc, there are many decisions to be made as to the overall concept prior to any in-depth planning or production being considered.

With our skills and experience, we achieve a professional product, fit for purpose, within an available budget.

With continuing investment in technical, electronic and graphic publishing systems, HTP is one of the most respected independent technical publications companies in the UK. HTP can provide in-house services for most technical publications requirements not only in the UK, but also Europe, Canada and the USA.

HTP has an extensive range of software tools enabling us to supply data conversion and data capture. All data files can be handled via our e-mail, ftp site or by one of the many common data storage medias.

We offer a comprehensive word-processing service, including OCR and data conversion. We have many years experience in this field and can supply cost-effective solutions to almost any task whilst safeguarding the data against future developments.

Because we are dedicated to supplying a complete service, we ensure that all relevant and necessary support services are available to us to enable us to manage projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

HTP understands the technical publications and graphics market and are, therefore, capable of working to extremely tight deadlines; we accept this as the nature of the business and as being part of supplying a complete service to our clients. Understanding the true meaning of the word 'Service' has allowed us to continue growth in both company and client base, enabling us to keep pace with technology and tailor our services to meet our clients requirements.

For further information on our products or services, call HTP and talk to one of our specialists.


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