Technical Illustrating ...

Our studios specialise in the preparation of all types of illustrating material. These range from perspective, isometric, exploded and cut-away line illustrations supporting technical manuals, to colour rendered illustrations for colour manuals, multimedia and marketing material. This service is backed up by the leading professional sofware including; Isodraw™, Autotrol™, Adobe Illustrator™, Adobe Photoshop™ and Corel Draw™.

Our studios can provide everything from the initial concept to the finished product. These products can be supplied as fully interactive electronic files and/or traditional printed material.

Multimedia is having a major impact on the Technical Publications world. HTP is in an excellent position to help our clients with their migration from traditional production methods to the multimedia field. Multimedia technology opens up many opportunities for producing all forms of publications from simple slide presentations through to easy-to-use interactive maintenance manuals and cataloguing systems. It is important, however, to ensure that new multimedia projects are carefully planned to achieve the best results. With the opportunity to include video, animation and sound etc, there are many decisions to be made as to the overall concept prior to any in-depth planning or production being considered.

With our skills and experience, we achieve a professional product, fit for purpose, within an available budget.

With continuing investment in technical, electronic and graphic publishing systems, HTP is one of the most respected independent technical publications companies in the UK. HTP can provide in-house services for most technical publications requirements not only in the UK, but also Europe, Canada and the USA.



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