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HTP provides high quality technical documentation and graphics, whilst at the same time providing our customers with the personal service expected from a professional service company.

HTP has a proven track record in the preparation of a full range of technical publications, from complete systems to individual component handbooks, for large and small products alike.

All phases of the production life-cycle, from source data analysis through preparation to delivery are professionally handled. Project management and quality assurance are an integral part of all our production processes. Our products include:

HTP has many years of experience in producing new documentation, and converting existing data, to specifications and standards for civil and military applications.

In recent years there has been a noticeable shift towards the supply of on-line documentation in platform independent formats. HTP can deliver documentation in various formats including SGML, XML, HTML and PDF to each clients own specific requirements.

Most formats are based on international standards, such as DEF-STAN 00-60 for production and use of electronic documentation, including a Common Source Data Base (CSDB) to provide source information to deliver data modules direct to the user.

HTP uses a number of software tools to produce publications to these standards. This provides a flexible authoring and printing environment for creating ASD S1000D™ Data Modules (DMs), Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs), Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPCs) and Service Bulletins (SB).

HTP has considerable experience in the production of Data Modules to ASD S1000D™. HTP can also produce and amend Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and templates to satisfy its customers' requirements. This includes establishing a set of writing and business rules to support ASD S1000D™ projects.

If a project requires Simplified English (SE), HTP ensures that the text complies with the writing rules by using software checker tools. These tools analyse technical texts written in Controlled English or ASD STE1000™ Simplified Technical English using grammar specific rules to check for clarity, consistency, simplicity and global acceptance.


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